Homebuilt Campers Michael and Tricia Foss

Michael and Tricia Foss breaking camp and preparing for flight.
Custom arm rest and throttle quadrant, complete with auxiliary switch panel.

Of all the stunning Homebuilt aircraft to fly into Lakeland this week, one would be hard pressed to see a more beautiful craft than the RV-8 built and flown by Michael and Tricia Foss. It is the P-51 themed paint scheme that draws onlookers, but homebuilders soon zero in on the incredible fit, finish and attention to detail present throughout. One really nice feature are the custom side panels and throttle quadrant that enhance flight ergonomics and also look very sleek.

Michael, who flies for United as his day job, labored exactly 7 years, 4 months and 7 days (get it, 747) to complete his project. He conducted his first test flight on his 50th birthday (take that, midlife crisis). Michael chronicled his build in RV8-hangar.com. He is just starting a YouTube channel to record his and Tricia’s adventures flying all over the country from their home in Poplar Grove, Illinois. Sadly, Michael and Tricia had to depart Sun ‘n Fun this morning. Hopefully, we will see more of them and their beautiful RV-8 on YouTube.

Only RV-8 to have wiped out an entire squadron of ME 109s.


  1. Now, I am 75. I in the past 56 years have worked for PAA, BNF, WAL, BRITISH AIRWAYS, LUFTHANSA, retired DAL. I have had cancer, it is gone, but must check for it regularly. I have flown many airplanes in my past. Most enjoyable was the work I did with a aircraft broker in late 70’s. I flew most everything under 12000 lbs. Then a few over that. I sold my little 39 Cub in the 90’s and forever wish I hadn’t. Now, I see your RV-8. The military P-51 look is of interest. I don’t think I could build it as you have. I am wondering if I could get one already built or pay for one to be built?


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