JK-2 Nano Ultralight Gyroplane Introduces Hirth Engine

Nano USA representative Jeffrey Boyd with the Nano JK-2.

Since its U.S. debut at AirVenture 2021, the ultralight JK-2 Nano gyroplane has replicated its European popularity with sleek lines and true ultralight specifications. Now, over 20 Nanos are flying in the U.S., most with Italian Polini engines. Seeking more power and better reliability, Nano is now offering the JK-2 with a two cylinder two stroke Hirth F-23 engine, which puts out 50 horsepower.

Nano’s new Hirth F-23 engine (50 horsepower).

Jeffrey Boyd, Nano’s representative in Ann Arbor, Michigan, operates out of its municipal airport (KARB) and reports that the new Hirth Engine is both more powerful and reliable, resulting in a climb performance of 1300 fpm (as opposed to 400 fpm from the Polini). The Nano is still restricted by Part 103 regulations to 55 knots airspeed.

Nano cockpit with optional EFIS screen (analog Airspeed Indicator below, between the rudder pedals).

The JK-2 kit can be assembled in a lazy weekend, with only 19 bolts to install. The kit price, with the new Hirth engine is 26,500 Euros ($29,367 in U.S. Dollars, as per the rectangle of knowledge). Optional fuel injection will cost another 2,000 Euros ($2,216 U.S.). For more information, visit flynanogyro.com.


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