Jotters Take Note: Here’s the ArmBoard


When Hussein Aboulezz, a marketing professional, was a student pilot, he hated his kneeboard. He found that looking up and down from the kneeboard to everything else was inefficient and uncomfortable-he had enough to deal with, and didn’t want to add vertigo to the mix. Aboulezz fixed his problem by developing the ArmBoard. Weighing less than 2 ounces and measuring about 3×5 inches, it can be worn on either arm, using Velcro fasteners and containing a notepad and a few plastic pockets. The ArmBoard comes with flight planning pads, as well as ruled and blank pads, and the pockets can contain reference cards such as airport diagrams and altitude guides–all of the information normally found on kneeboards.Released in September 2008, the ArmBoard occupies a lot less human real estate than its kneeboard counterpart, and retails for $31.95. Double-sided reference cards are also available for $3.95 a set; replacement pads are also available for around $6. For more information, visit 2H Innovations.


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