Andair Introduces New, Tiny Fuel Boost and Transfer Pumps


Nothing sexy about a fuel boost pump, you say? Pick up Andairs new PX375 high-pressure boost pump, designed for the Lycoming IO-320 and 360 range of engines, and you might be attracted to its low weight and tiny footprint. (It is far more compact than traditional boost pumps.)The PX375 can pump up to 80 psi using the company’s proprietary brushless motor. Weighing only 16 ounces, it has a full internal bypass around the pump, and allows a very low restriction pass through so that external bypass plumbing is unnecessary. Its also self-priming to 10 feet through a 3/8-inch tube. The boost pump is available for an introductory price of $720, and comes with the BLX-150 controller required to drive the pump.Recently, Andair also introduced the XP375 transfer/smoke pump for moving fuel from one tank to the another, using a three-phase motor. The self-priming transfer pump can produce fuel flows of up to 60 gph, and pressures of up to 80 psi. Its available now for $500. Both pumps are available through Andairs web site or through its U.S. distributor, Aircraft Spruce.


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