Kiwi Propellers Gears Up to Offer More Propeller Options

Kiwi Propeller changes the shape of the prop for 180-hp engines.

Shaun and Derek Mitchell make up the directorship of Kiwi Propellers, a composite propeller manufacturer based in Hamilton, New Zealand. The two are determined to revolutionize the kitbuilt propulsion market with their radically differently shaped composite propellers.

“We met John McGinnis from Synergy Aircraft a few years ago, and he shared with us propeller designs that were truly clean sheet,” Shaun said. “The new shape allows the whole propeller, from root to tip, to develop a consistent Reynolds number, achieving more than a 90% efficiency rating,” he said.

The first of five designs to be offered by Kiwi Propellers, the KiwiProp is on display at the New Zealand Pavilion (Booth 406) at AirVenture. For more information, visit


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