Lancair Announces Simplified Pricing for Evolution


Lancair International announced today that it is changing the pricing strategy on its Evolution kit aircraft. Because both the turbine and piston aircraft are the same aft of the firewall, the company has settled on a single price for the firewall-aft portion of the kit. According to the company, your $495,000 for the Evolution firewall-aft kit buys “the airframe and systems as well as a Lancair engineered Garmin G900x panel including all the commonly ordered and expected options for an aircraft of this caliber. The G900x panel includes Synthetic Vision, Engine Monitoring, XM Weather, TruTrak autopilot, Secondary Electrical and Environmental Control touch screen, TCAD, and more.”

According to Lancair, a two-week “builder assist mentor program at the Lancair facility” is included in the price. “At the end of this two-week period the owner can expect to have an airframe sitting on the main gear, which can then be packaged for shipment to his or her final assembly location,” says Lancair.

Also included in the 2010 price is “the new Inspection and Training package, which ensures the customer has built a high quality aircraft and can safely transition to their new aircraft. Utilizing the expertise of High Performance Aircraft Training, Inc., builders will first receive a factory build quality inspection, and then after their FAA D.A.R. airworthiness inspection, a pre first-flight inspection along with a first-flight test flight, by an HPAT test pilot. Following the test flights the customer will be provided with three training days of transition flight training in their new Evolution. At the completion of the first year since issuance of the aircraft’s Airworthiness Certificate, the customer will receive three additional training days of recurrent training in his aircraft,” according to the company.

Not included are the engine and prop of choice (either a Pratt & Whitney PT-6 or a Lycoming iE2 TEO-540), interior covering and upholstery, and exterior paint.

For more information, visit Lancair’s web site.


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