Lancair Mako Turbo arrives at Sun 'n Fun 2018

Lancair Mako on approach
Lancair Mako on approach

Lancair’s newest high-performance composite aircraft arrived in Florida this week for the annual Sun N Fun exhibition. Adding an intercooled twin-turbo Lycoming TIO-540 powerplant to the capable 4-place airframe results in a cruise speed increase of some 30 knots or more. Featuring the lowest drag, longest range and highest useful load in its class, the MAKO may be seen on display in Lancair’s Sun N Fun booth #MD-23.

“The Turbo Mako is alive! 350 HP TIO-540 with electronic fuel injection and dual electronic ignition! Get ready for some crazy speed! Now the Mako can be fully outfitted with either Continental 550 or Lycoming 540, turbo or normally aspirated. Lancair Mako is eating up the competition… and having fun while doing so!”
– Mako test pilot and Lancair President Conrad Huffstutler


Optimizing airflow around and through the engine is essential to MAKO’s performance goals. The engine cowling features an improved precision induction system and redesigned exhaust fairings with improved aerodynamics. A variety of engine options are available, ranging from the standard 210 hp Continental IO-360 to a 350 hp turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540. Typical non-turbo cruise speeds are close to 190 knots, with turbocharged models exceeding 225 knots.


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