Lancair’s First Evolution Kit Delivered


Lancair International announced today that it has delivered the first Evolution kit to Andy Cruce of Miramar, Florida. Cruce and his wife saw the Evolution last year at Oshkosh and began contemplating the purchase. “When we considered the speed, roominess, carrying capacity, BRS ’chute and docile flight characteristics of the Evolution, we decided the Evolution is what we need,” Cruce is reported to have said.

(Left to right): Mike McReynolds (Centerfire Composites), Brian Harris (Owner, Centerfire Composites), Joe Bartels (CEO Lancair), Andy Cruce and Timothy Ong (GM Lancair).

Lancair says that Cruce came to Redmond, Oregon, to participate in the company’s two-week builder-assistance program. A 6000-square-foot facility was constructed at the headquarters specifically for Evolution builders. According to Lancair, Cruce says he plans to have the airplane flying by early 2009.

Lancair reports that it has a full Evolution production schedule booked through February 2009. The prototype that appeared at this year’s Sun ’n Fun is now painted and will be available for demo flights at Oshkosh.

The Evolution is a four-seat design powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine engine, making it capable of speeds in excess of 385 mph, according to Lancair. It also features numerous safety features including a ballistic ’chute, airbag seat belts and energy-absorbing seats.

Lancair lists the fastbuild kit price as $250,000, with a finished cost in the range of $650,000 to $1 million.

For more information on the Evolution, call 541/923-2244 or visit Lancair International.


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