Who Can Do the Work?

In the January 2014 issue, Amy Laboda does a nice article on insurance and accidents. However, she states that if you damage an Experimental and aren’t the original builder, you’ll need an A&P or the original builder to repair it. Is this a change I’m not aware of? Since Part 43 doesn’t apply to E/A-B, that restriction would have to be in the operating limitations. To the best of my knowledge anyone can repair or maintain an E/A-B and that’s EAA’s position too—but only an A&P or a Repairman certificate holder can perform an annual Condition Inspection. The Condition Inspection requirement is in all the operating limitations I’ve seen and had.

Roger Tracy

Amy responds: Roger is right. My mistake on that one as I was thinking about the Condition Inspection and just mentally did an extension. Mea culpa.

Keep Them Coming!

Thank you for The Big Squeeze article (December 2013). I’ve done many pre-buy inspections for folks and found an appalling number of improper sleeves and crimps. This article is now a “Must Have” part of my inspection kit.

Ted Waltman

I just finished reading the December 2013 issue and wanted to say thanks. I especially enjoyed Barnaby’s column, and I was glad to see something that was for plansbuilt, John Mackay’s story on the LSA-eligible Buttercup. The cable fabricating article was valuable to me as well.

Red Hamilton

Since I am building a Dream Aircraft Tundra, I always enjoy the detailed information in KITPLANES®.

Dan Horton’s article, Fabricating Aircraft Cables, was especially informative. While other magazines merely present an overview of a topic, Dan did some detailed research, including breaking cables to prove what we need to do to make proper ones. So, Dan’s article is one that I tore out and saved.

As a fan of Bob Nuckolls, I am pleased you have him writing a series of articles. Keep up the great work !

Jeff Page

We’re happy so many folks like our emphasis on building techniques. Look for similar articles in every issue.—Ed.

Saving Individual Articles

Is it possible to download an article in PDF format? I find that format really easy to use and store. I’m trying to get away from paper, plus I use a laptop at the hangar while I’m building.

Jack Coughlin

Absolutely! Subscribers automatically have online access to back issues on the KITPLANES® web site. When you find the article you want to save, scroll to the bottom where it says “View pdf.” Click on the link and the article will download; you can save it on your computer.—Ed

GP-4 Whim

Thank you for highlighting the GP-4 in the Plansbuilt Buyer’s Guide (January 2014). I have been building mine for years now and it is still a whim. I will keep marching toward the eventual launch date. A little inspiration now and then helps.

Dan Hopkins

We’re here to help any way we can! We admire you for building a GP-4 and hope you’ll have it flying soon!—Ed.

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