Adding an O2 Sensor

Reinhard Metz’s article about adding an AFR gauge and O2 sensor is excellent [“Adding Direct Air/Fuel Ratio Monitoring,” March 2019]. I have been wondering why GA airplanes do not use these for a while. Do you know if there is a round gauge that uses the same sensor mentioned in the article? I can only find Bosch sensors, which do not seem to be the preferred route.

—Michael Yankaitis

Reinhard Metz responds: Thanks for your interest in the AFR gauge. Although I have not used one myself, it appears that Ballenger Motorsports offers a round gauge option that is supposed to work with the AFR500 unit and therefore should also be available with the NTK oxygen sensor. Here’s a link to their website.

From the Ballenger literature it does appear clear that the NTK sensors are far more reliable with leaded fuel, though I have not tried the Bosch 4.9 to test its longevity with low lead. Alternatively, you could mount the rectangular display unit in a homemade round hole adapter to fit in a standard 31/8- or 21/4-inch hole.

Schweizer Sailplane Kits

Regarding the mention of the Schweizer 1-26 sailplane kit in “Editor’s Log” (April 2019): In addition to the 1-26, Schweizer also offered the 2-22 and the 2-33 sailplanes in kit form (as well as completed factory-built aircraft). It’s interesting to note that the kitbuilt sailplanes were licensed as certified aircraft instead of amateur-built, as long as the sailplane was constructed in exact accordance with the approved drawings and manual, and that the parts and materials furnished by the manufacturer in the kit were used.

Oh, and thanks for spelling “Schweizer” correctly (with no “t”)!

—Carl Niedermeyer

Thanks for the additional background information, Carl. It looks like they anticipated the E-LSA build requirements by half a century!—Ed.

Fantastic Resource

I have never written anything to a magazine, but in this case I felt compelled to do so. I am a pilot who flies two experimental airplanes, and I’m currently building another one. I cherish the enjoyment of building something with my own hands (or tools at times), but I find that it has become harder to find good building-related information, including useful tips.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered your magazine again a year ago (the guy that sold me the Europa kit had a box full of back issues). You do a truly fantastic job filling the gap by providing so many interesting building-related articles. I now recommend your magazine to everyone (I live in a very active fly-in community).

Please keep it up since I, and those like me, really need this kind of resource.

—Chris Martin

Thank you, Chris. The thing that keeps KITPLANES focused on what builders and pilots of homebuilt aircraft want to read are the contributions of builders and flyers! We welcome article submissions from anyone in the E/A-B world.

We have information on how you can write for us.


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