Carbon Cub EX-3 NKET Approved


The Federal Aviation Administration’s National Kit Evaluation Team has reviewed and approved the Carbon Cub EX-3 and that the aircraft has been added to the list of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits that satisfy the majority build requirement (commonly referred to as the 51% rule) on the FAA website. The EX-3 joins the original Carbon Cub EX kits on the list, which the FAA provides as a service to prospective aircraft builders researching kit options.

“This is really good news,” says Mitch Travis, CubCrafters’ Kit Program Manager. “It affirms that the majority of the Carbon Cub EX-3 kit construction is undertaken by the builder – a key part of the definition of an amateur-built aircraft.” He continues, “Our customers can have confidence that even though the EX-3 is one of the most complete kits and quickest assemblies of any two place tandem STOL aircraft offered in the industry, it truly meets the intent of the rules for building E-AB aircraft.

The Carbon Cub EX-3 is the kit version of the company’s popular builder-assist version of the aircraft, the Carbon Cub FX-3. It features an extraordinary thrust-to-weight ratio, thanks to the extensive use of lightweight composites, coupled with a 186-horsepower fuel-injected engine. The result is phenomenal short-field performance, a climb rate of 2,400 fpm, and exceptional handling.

The Carbon Cub EX-3 can be certified up to 2,000 pounds gross weight.

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