Midwest Panels IntelliKey NG


Tired of fishing the mag keys out of your pocket after you’ve buckled up? (Us, too.) Midwest Panels has a solution in the IntelliKey NG being introduced at Sun ’n Fun 2023.

The $999 IntelliKey is a combination wireless key fob and a control module that is, essentially, inserted between your airplane’s key switch and the starter relay. When the system recognizes the small squarish fob in your possession (and the master is on) it enables a simple illuminated push switch for engine start. Naturally, the setup expects you to have separate mag/ignition switches. Push the button, and the engine turns over. There are also fail-safes to ensure that once the engine is running it can be restarted with or without the fob, and the system is designed to allow engine starts in the event of an IntelliKey failure.

But this is just scratching the surface of IntelliKey’s capabilities. The app can alter functionality that ensures the engine can’t start (airshow mode) and so it can be started without the fob present (for maintenance). Plus, you can use the app to arm the system without having the fob in your possession. You can also wire an ingress light to illuminate when you approach the airplane.

IntelliKey can be wired to the aircraft’s audio system to intercept radio and intercom traffic to be recorded. It’s designed to connect to popular EFISes for data logging.

More information: startyourplane.com


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