MountainScope Software Adds TFRs and Satellite Weather


PCAvionics announced the addtion of new WX Satellite Weather and Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) capabilities to MountainScope, its GPS-based moving-map application. The program will download the latest TFRs every time you start the program and display them with bold red outlines on the moving map. A click in the outline can bring up a full text description of the TFR.

Users interested in live datalink weather can now use updates obtained from the XM WX Satellite Weather service delivered via a WxWorx receiver. Weather features include NEXRAD radar, lightning strikes, storm cell tracking, METARS, TAFs and TFRs, all visible on the MountainScope display. The addition of weather adds to the programs color-viewable terrain depictions.

The MountainScope software package, including six data updates, costs $495. The WxWorx receiver sells for $429 for the USB (PC/laptop/tablet) version, and a $679 price for the Bluetooth (PocketPC) version is anticipated.

For more information, call 877/444-4PCA (4722) or visit


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