New AeroMag Unit Available For Rotax Oil Filters


AeroMagnet Inc., manufacturer of the AeroMag product line, announced the addition of a new AeroMag unit, the AM300. The AM300 is designed to fit the 3-inch diameter oil filters used on Rotax engines as well as any other 3-inch diameter filters.

The reusable unit is designed to magnetically attract and hold steel particles found circulating in the oil because they are too small to be stopped by the standard oil filter. Simply snap the high-powered magnet to the outside of your filter and it will immediately begin cleaning your oil without restricting oil flow. The AM300 is shielded so it will not interfere with instruments or compass.

The AM300 sells for $69.95. To order, call the company at 888/237-6624 or visit Or order through Aircraft Spruce at 877/4-SPRUCE or


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