New Alcal 2000+ Now Available


Alcor, Inc. announces the availability of the Alcal 2000+ for the calibration and troubleshooting of EGT/CHT/TIT, Type K, J and E systems. The tester can simulate thermocouple output millivolts so that instruments can be calibrated on the ramp or in the shop. The Alcal 2000+ will also receive a millivolt input while testing Alcor and other thermocouples installed in its special heater for accurate analysis at operating temperatures.

Other features include:

– Redesigned Pelican case with removable lid for use in any environment
– Internal carrying handle for transport with or without the lid
– Additional EGT/TIT heater that accepts competitors’ larger probes and tests both digital and analog systems (FAA/PMA not required)
– Easy access to the fuse and 9-volt lithium battery for quick replacement
– All the features of the Alcal 2000
– One-year warranty

The price for the Alcal 2000+ kit is $3250.00.

For more information, please visit, or call 800/354-7233.


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