New Touchscreen iEFIS from MGL Avionics


MGL Avionics is now shipping its new iEFIS Explorer 8.5-inch unit. The iEFIS is the next generation EFIS, which uses a pressure-sensitive, sunlight-readable touchscreen. The iEFIS also offers users the option of traditional controls.

By separating the “brains” of the EFIS into the separate “iBox,” the iEFIS allows easy duplication of display and control with multiple iEFIS units. The iEFIS architecture offers a wireless WiFi node that can take the place of any of the theoretical eight panels you could connect to an iBox. While this is primarily intended for flight planning (such as uploading a flight plan from a tablet) and flight-data recording (useful for Experimentals and aircraft manufacturers), the wireless node has access to everything a normal panel has so it could become a full EFIS as well, just wireless.

It is also possible to use just an iBox without any iEFIS panels and a iPad or Android “EFIS” for a low-cost installation in smaller aircraft.

The cost for a single 8.5-inch iEFIS Explorer for a four-cylinder Lycoming engine is $5975.

For more information, visit, or call 877/835-9464.


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