New Cabin Heat Muff From Custom Welding Products


Custom Welding Products LLC announced a newly-designed cabin heat muff for aircraft homebuilders called Turbo Heat. This canister is distributed by Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. part #05-15249.

Dave Edwards, president, designer, & experienced homebuilder, developed a heat muff more efficient than dated ones on the market today.

Each unit is made from industrial grade .063 aluminum tubes with .125 6061T-6 aluminum end caps laser cut, welded and machined to exact tolerance for ease of installation and a vibration free fit. Internally, each canister is fitted with 10 aluminum rods surrounded by copper windings for superior heat transfer.

The standard model is 8″ long with 2″ intake and exhaust tubes. The end caps are machined to match engine exhaust specifications. Currently the company supplies exhaust diameters of 1.5″, 1.75″ and 2.0″.

A first for the industry, Turbo Heat is designed with a removable restrictor that allows the builder to modify the flow of air through the heat muff in order to fine tune the heat vs. airflow requirements.

See for more detailed specifications.


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