New Online Aircraft Management System

The scheduling page for Sporty's Plane Manager.

Sun n Fun 2011 was a big stop on Sporty’s Pilot Shop’s 50th Anniversary tour. To celebrate, the company announced a new, no-cost service for aircraft owners called Sporty’s Plane Manager.

The cloud-based program makes it simple for partnership-owned aircraft to be managed online. The program includes a scheduler, maintenance calendar and an area to record squawks so that each operator can see the current status of the aircraft at all times. Because the program is cloud-based, it does not reside on any local computer, so it is not the domain of one particular partner but is truly a shared responsibility. Best of all, it is optimized for iPhone/iPad use.

“We want to put the fun back into flying, because we know flying is fun,” said Hal Shevers, founder of Sporty’s Pilot Shop. “The Plane Manager just makes aircraft ownership simpler, and we hope, a little less expensive.”

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