Sporty’s Offers Instrument Rating App


SportysInstrumentCourseSporty’s Complete Instrument Rating Course is now available as a dedicated iPad/iPhone app. This FAA WINGS-accepted app includes 13 hours of real-world video and advanced graphics, including 3D animations to help explain difficult concepts. Included with the app is a dedicated written test preparation program. The app also includes a flight-training syllabus, interactive maneuvers guide and integrated Practical Test Standards.

The written-test prep program features several modes of operation. Learning mode helps with specific areas of study. Test mode provides a random mix of questions to provide a simulated exam. With Flashcard mode, users can answer questions without seeing any answer choices in a self-graded environment. The app allows users to save video segments for viewing when an Internet connection is not available.

Just like the traditional DVD and online versions, the app also allows users to earn the written-test endorsement and receive FAA WINGS credit directly from the app. The complete course costs $199.99 and can be downloaded at

For more information, visit, or call 513/735-9100, ext. 338.


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