New Online Builder’s Log From EAA


The Experimental Aircraft Association introduced a new, online EAA Builder’s Log, free for all EAA members, to use to document projects and demonstrate compliance with the FAA’s 51 percent rule.

The online log is available at following its initial launch at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019. It allows members to post an unlimited number of entries, including photos, text, PDF documents, Excel files, and more, to create a detailed record of the work done on either building and restoration projects.

“The EAA Builder’s Log is a great way to show your work to an FAA inspector or designated airworthiness representative, and to simply have a searchable reference on your project,” said Charlie Becker, EAA’s director of chapters and homebuilding. “Our hope is the EAA Builder’s Log will support our homebuilding members, allow them to share useful information, and make it easier to document compliance with the 51 percent rule. Additionally, the searchable online log will be a great help to builders who may need to troubleshoot an issue with their aircraft.”

Users can follow along other builds, although there is also a private entry feature that allows some entries to be visible to only the creator of the build log. It’s also possible to document multiple builds at once, and multiple builders can contribute to the log in the case of group build projects.

The EAA Builder’s Log resulted from a collaboration with EAA member, aircraft builder, and programmer Don White. More information on using the EAA Builder’s Log is also available through a September 2019 webinar that reviews the new resource.


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