EAA ‘Virtual Ultralight Days’

Image: EAA

The Experimental Aircraft Association announced its EAA Virtual Ultralight Days will return in 2024 for the third year. A total of 15 webinars over three days (Feb. 20-22) will focus on “the lighter side of aviation,” according to EAA.

The webinars will be conducted online from 1 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. (CST), five per day. The format for the sessions follows that of previous EAA Virtual Ultralight Days, as well as EAA Homebuilders Week. “Well-known subject matter experts in the ultralight community will present each live session with question-and-answer periods to address specific questions,” EAA said.

Subject matter will include: how to get started in ultralights; general information on maintenance, airport operations and safety inspections; and an introduction to a variety of ultralight aircraft, including fixed-wing, powered parachutes, powered paragliders and weight-shift trikes.

Timm Bogenhagen, EAA Ultralight and Light Plane Community Manager, said, “Ultralight flying remains as one of the most accessible forms of recreational flight while also being one of the purest. Virtual Ultralight Days provides a free avenue to introduce more people to this segment of aviation and grow the knowledge of those already part of this community.” All sessions are free and pre-registration is encouraged. Archived video presentations will be made available to EAA members.


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