New Product: Klein LED Flashlights


Klein Tools has introduced a new line of flashlights designed for long life and superior lighting. Made from polymers and using LEDs for illumination, the products range from a pocket-size X3 penlight to the Xenon X44 NiMH rechargeable spotlight, whose head pivots 180; it can lay flat or stand upright.

There is also a mini pocket flashlight (X5) and the Xenon pocket flashlight (X7), which is submersible to 500 feet and outputs 7 lumen. The Recoil Grip-It flashlight (X19) focuses 100% of its light forward to produce a collimated (parallel rays) light as bright as incandescent lighting, the company says. The Recoil Grip It 90 (X21) has a 90 right angle head that swivels and provides up to 10,000 hours of lamp life.

Accessories including nylon holders, lanyards, luminescent shrouds and helmet-mounting kits are also available.

For prices and more information, visit Klein Tools.


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