New Products: Overhead Lighting Console


Aircrafters of Watsonville, California, is now the exclusive distributor for a new, lightweight, multipurpose overhead lighting console designed and manufactured by Pegasus Aeromarine, Inc. of Port Townsend, Washington. The console is suited for either forward or rear overhead lighting. Made of gelcoated fiberglass and weighing only 2.4 ounces, it has multiple facets to allow various configurations to fit rocker switches and either mini-eyeball lights or swiveling map lights (such as the SteinAir LED map light) for directional illumination. A Hella LED dome light may also be fitted and can house a 90° connector for a roof antenna. The photo shows swiveling eyeball lights with a dome light and three rocker switches.

The price is $149.95. For more information, visit Aircrafters LLC on the web or Pegasus Aeromarine.


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