A Wind-Powered Generator

UK based vlogger and ultralight instructor Giles Fowler (left) with Flybreezy inventor/owner Steve O’Connor.

Having an action camera on your wing can add to the fun of flying. Keeping that camera charged during longer flights so you have something to look at later… not so much.

But Flybreezy, a company based in California, has a new product aimed at making battery charging less of an issue for pilot videographers.

“We took the idea of a Ram Air Turbine and miniaturized it to create a detachable, wind-powered USB charger,” details Flybreezy inventor Steve O’Connor. “It generates 15 watts and can power two GoPro cameras if you’re flying above 64 mph, or a single camera at 55 mph.”

The 3x4x6” device weighs about a pound and can be mounted to an aircraft with just about any commercially available GoPro compatible mount. You can affix it and the camera together or mount it away from the camera(s) and run cables. Type ‘A’ and ‘C’ USB ports are standard.

“We’re planning on a smaller, single camera model in the future, and we may even do something with a 12-volt setup,” added O’Connor.

Pilots who fly aircraft lacking electrical systems can also use the device to charge a phone or tablet. The Flybreezy retails for $145.


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