New Ambidextrous Products from Pioneer Control Grips


Not everyone is strongly “handed” and there are some applications where a grip that feels right in either hand is, um, right for the job. That’s the thinking behind Pioneer Control Grips’ new ambidextrous grips.

They come in two styles, the Alpha and the Sport. According to PCG, “The Pioneer Alpha is a sleek and comfortable ambidextrous grip that’s handcrafted to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of finish options including Natural Walnut, Black Gloss, Carbon Fiber Hydro-Dip or our affordable 3D-manufactured ‘Lite’ version. The Alpha comes standard with your choice of a 2 Way (single axis) or 4 Way (two axis) trim switch as well as three push buttons and a PTT button located on the forward side of the grip.”

The Sport is a slimmer alternative. “The Pioneer Sport is an ambidextrous grip designed with both simplicity and affordability in mind,” according to the company. “It is 3D manufactured from a durable carbon fiber infused nylon. The sport comes standard with a two way trim switch, one push button on top and a PTT button located on the forward side of the grip.”

Prices range from $189 to $479 before customizations but the company is offering a 10% pre-sale discount. The grips are expected to start shipping in July.

See how Pioneer grips are made.

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Marc Cook
Marc Cook is a veteran special-interest journalist who started as a staffer at AOPA Pilot in the late 1980s. Marc has built two airplanes, an Aero Designs Pulsar XP and a Glasair Aviation Sportsman, and now owns a 180-hp, steam-gauge-adjacent GlaStar based in western Oregon. Marc has 5000 hours spread over 200-plus types and four decades of flying.


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