New TECNAM LSA Ships to U.S.


The carbon fiber/metal TECNAM P2008 LSA debuted at the Friedrichshafen Air Show in April 09, and the first one is now making its way to the U.S., having been shipped to Virginia Aviation in Richmond, the company says.

Carbon fiber is used in the fuselage, allowing for optimization of aerodynamic qualities and durability, the company says. The wing and tail are of metal construction. The wing is based on the well-known NACA 63A airfoil and through partial tapering is close to elliptical. Single-slot flaps extend along much of the wingspan, and a Frise aileron along with the tapered design provides a high roll rate.

The all-movable horizontal tail (stabilator) allows hands-off longitudinal stability, the company says. The nosegear is the free castering type, and consists of a tubular steel leg connected to the longer engine ount attachments and braced by a rubber shock absorber. Ground steering is via differential braking.

Fuel capacity is 29 gallons in two tanks. A modular instrument panel design can accommodate various combinations of glass and analog instruments and avionics.

The airplane will be on display at the Sebring Sport Aviation Expo in Florida from January 20-23. For more information, visit Tecnam North America or Sebring Sport Aviation Expo.


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