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Aircraft Spruce has announced a new online magazine for homebuilders along with news that it is now carrying a simplified FAR AIM book for pilots.

To launch the new online magazine, Perspectives on Homebuilding, AC Spruce presents the perspectives of two pillars of the homebuilding community, Paul Poberezny and Tom Poberezny. In the future, the online magazine will share the views of kit manufacturers, designers and the people who are expanding the flight line with homebuilt projects. Two articles will be added to the web site each month.

Aircraft Spruce is also carrying a new book, The FAR/AIM In Plain English by Jason Schappert.  This book omits everything you don’t need to know for your sport or private pilot certificate. The balance of the traditional FAR/AIM reference book has been translated into plain, conversational English that pilots and student pilots can apply to their everyday flying. If understanding the rules and regulations has been a stumbling block, this book may help. The price is $29.95.

Aircraft Spruce’s product line is available at as well as through the company’s free 800-page catalog.


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