Pavilion is a a Great Success


If you build it, they will come.

After years of complaints, requests, and speculation, the EAA built a permanent pavilion in the Homebuilt Camping area at Oshkosh and homebuilders have flocked to it this past week. Equipped with twenty picnic tables, a few serving tables, a half-dozen BBQ grills with utensils, two multi-port electronic charging stations, a wash trough, and, probably most important, a roof to protect against the rain, it immediately became the social focus for homebuilders.

The grills, water faucets with sink, and charging stations are in constant demand. And, when the rain fell, everyone seemed to scamper into the pavilion to continue conversations.

The big annual campground event, the Corn Roast, now has a defined home and it seemed more folks showed up for the event… and stayed longer. The Homebuilt Camping crew of volunteers did an outstanding job of moving folks through the line. Paper towel, ear of corn, pull the husk and silks down, wrap the paper towel around them, dip the ear into the large vat of butter (ummmm!), and top it off with salt and/or cayenne pepper. Eat, get back in line, and repeat. It made for a wonderful evening in a great new venue.



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