Pilot Communications Introduces Bluetooth Adapter


While Pilot Communications has its own line of headsets, the company’s newest offering, BluLink, isn’t fussy when it comes to headsets. This Bluetooth adapter will work with any general aviation headset, enabling you to use and control any two wireless devices, such as a cell phone, music device or laptop. When you first set up the BluLink, it will identify your cell phone or music player as a trusted device. Each time you turn the BluLink on in your plane, it will recognize the device and make the connection. Rather than tucking your cell phone under your headset, or grappling with a cascade of cords, the BluLink is designed to streamline your secondary cockpit audio needs. The BluLink controls also allow you to answer or disconnect a call, dial the last number or use your phones voice activated functions. It also allows complete iPod control. The BluLink is powered by two AA batteries, weighs 1.5 ounces without the included cables, and retails for $260. If your MP3 player doesn’t have wireless capability, a Bluetooth dongle will make it happen. The 3.5mm dongle sells for $59, and the iPhone/iPod dongle goes for $69.For more information, visit Pilot Communications.


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