Portable Stereo Intercom Debuts


DRE Communications announced the release of its DRE-205e portable intercom. The unit is a complete redesign of the popular DRE model 201.

Feedback from ongoing field testing has been exceptional. Data on everything from mechanical issues to installation challenges for the anodized aluminum, Mil-Spec cable intercom has been positive. The standard cell phone interface and music input are especially popular, the company says.

The new DRE-205e can be used as a portable intercom or can be permanently installed in the panel. Accessory inputs allow the unit to be connected to a suite of other devices including engine monitors, collision avoidance equipment and other instruments with auditory alarms such as stall warnings and altimeter alerts. DRE will provide optional mounting flanges allowing installation into LSAs and ultralights. The 205e can run on ship’s power or two 9V batteries. There is also an automatic failsafe allowing the pilot to use the radio in the event of a loss of power to the intercom.

The DRE-205e stereo intercom can be configured for two-, four- or six-place applications. Passengers and pilots enjoy individual squelch circuits and PTT jacks.  There is a stuck mic warning (visual and audio), and the unit automatically mutes any cockpit entertainment to allow communication with ATC.

The DRE-205e comes with a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee and is covered by a three-year warranty. The price is $399.

For more information, call 877/987-9977 or visit DRE Communications.

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Mary Bernard
Mary Bernard - The product of two parents with Lockheed Aerospace careers, Mary grew up with aviation, prompting her to pursue pilot training as an adult. Her father, a talented tool-and-die maker and planner, instilled in her an abiding interest in how things are built. For more than a decade, she has been a contributing writer and Managing Editor for KITPLANES®.


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