PS Engineering’s Flightmate Adds Audio Safety Factor to the Cockpit


PS Engineering PMA8000G

PS Engineering announced flightmate, an innovative advancement in our panel-mounted audio control. This audio storage/recall system, included in the new PMA8000G, now provides an extra layer of alerting for aircraft events and quick access to audio checklists.

The flightmate system allows the pilot to record alert messages that can be triggered by some event or switch in the aircraft, like a stall warning or autopilot disconnect. These four logic inputs trigger specific messages pre-recorded by the pilot. In addition, there is 2 ½ minutes of recording time to store brief checklists or other information, which can be played back at the push of a button labeled “Play.” Because the pilot stores the information, it is completely airplane or mission specific.

The PMA8000G offers a subtle change in styling. The indicator windows are gone, the button text is larger, and is used to indicate selection by changing from white to green. There’s also a USB charging port, capable of 10 watts, to power and charge personal electronic devices.

IntelliAudio is represented by the new HRTF button. Head Related Transfer Function, or HRTF, is PS Engineering’s patented spatial audio system. When HRTF is activated, the crew will hear Com 1 at a 10 o’clock position, and Com 2 appears at the 2 o’clock position. This spatial audio feature helps the brain process audio sources, adding comprehension and easy listening to multiple radios.

The PMA8000G can be equipped with the optional PS Streamer Bluetooth module for streaming cockpit audio to a device such as a compatible video camera. The PMA8000G also has a new intercom function, “copilot as passenger” mode, which teats the intercom station at the copilot seat like a passenger, in terms of music distribution, radio interface, etc. List price of the PMA8000G is $2,295.

For more information, call 865-988-9800 or send an email to [email protected]. You can visit PS Engineering at AirVenture or online at


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