Quickbuild RV Workshop


Tackling even a quickbuild aircraft kit can be daunting, but now there’s a way to get help with at least one type of aircraft, the popular RV series. Synergy Air has scheduled a five-day course titled Quickbuild Strategies based on the Vans quickbuild kit for the RV-7, -8, -9 or -10. The information provided in the course applies to standard kits as well.


In the week-long class, Synergy Air will offer discussions, presentations, demonstrations and hands-on projects. Topics include how to budget, how to look ahead when working on the project, how to save money on tools and supplies, using shop time efficiently, and how to put together a shop. Once those big-picture topics are covered, the course will teach participants the specifics of dealing with fiberglass to get it right the first time, building trouble-free wiring, getting a professional looking canopy and preparing the airplane for paint.


After the coursework is done for the day, the Synergy Air workshop location in Sunriver, Oregon, offers plenty of diversions, from rafting and hiking to dining and biking.


The next Quickbuild course will be held May 19-23, 2008. The price is $1800 per person, and includes all materials and lunches. For more information or to register, call 541/913-0610 or visit http://www.synergyair.com.


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