RV Eye Candy!

RV-Vetterman Exhaust
William Shook polished his Vetterman Exhaust and has been busy turning it a golden brown since first flight a year ago March.

Trying desperately to escape the media center and mingle among the show field the very first tie down rope we tripped over was hooked to William Shook’s RV-8. Wow!

Obviously built to impress, the Denver-based Shook says his RV is for go, too. Now flying for 16 months, he’s put 340 hours on the Hobbs and has plans for plenty more. Trips so far include Florida (multiple times), so Shook isn’t just working the pattern.

Highlights are obviously too numerous to detail here, but include Vetterman exhaust polished by Shook, and hydro-dipped interior details. The latter can give any number of faux finishes (typically carbon fiber around the airport and skulls at the dragstrip). Shook laid up his own carbon fiber plenum and air ducting, not an experience he’s keen to repeat, he says.

Power is from an IO-360 angle valve sporting Ly-Con 10:1 pistons, Superior cold air sump, dual P-Mags and Bendix RSA-5 fuel injection. The prop is by Whirlwind, the governor Jihostroj. Shook reports 199 knots at 2600 rpm, 7000 ft and 100 deg. F, ROP.

Shook RV-8 Interior
Shook’s panel is all Garmin; the switch panel is aluminum with a faux carbon fiber appliqué. What looks like leather really is cowhide and the pouch clasps are globe and anchor USMC emblems.



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