RVs Top 6000 Flying


Vans Aircraft has announced that the 6000 completed aircraft has now flown. Louis Palmenteri finished and flew an RV-10 from his home airstrip at Heritage Airpark near Rhome, Texas. N510RV flew well-after I caught up with it, Palmenteri said. I couldn’t believe how quickly it got off the ground. With the support of his family and help from his friends at the airpark, Palmenteri finished the four-place airplane in three and half years, working from a Vans standard kit. He did his own interior and custom paint job as well.

Vans has been supplying kits for 33 years, so the 6000 number represents an average of one new airplane in the air every other day over the entire history of the company.

According to company founder Richard VanGrunsven, We have shipped starts for more than 1200 aircraft in the last two years, and with the reduced building time required to build our newer designs like the RV-10 and the Light Sport RV-12, we look forward to seeing the next thousand RVs fly in an even shorter time than the last thousand.”

For more information, visit Van’s Aircraft.


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