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Dynon Avionics has announced prices for its new SkyView systems, with shipments scheduled to begin soon. The SkyView is a new generation glass panel, offering synthetic vision, fully redundant systems, bright screens, flexibility and the ability to upgrade in the future, the company says.

A SkyView EFIS starts at as low as $3900 for a 7-inch display plus an ADAHRS module. Adding an Engine System module adds $600 for a total of $4500. Adding a second redundant ADAHRS module is $800. An Ultimate System, with dual 10-inch displays, redundant ADAHRS, engine monitor and backup battery is $9980. The SV-D700 (7-inch) display by itself is $2700; the SV-D1000 (10-inch) display alone is $3600. SkyView network cables, in lengths from 3 to 20 feet, are also available to facilitate wiring of the system.


Our first EFIS products were based on the premise that we could make high-quality avionics available at prices all pilots could afford, said Dynon President John Torode. I am pleased that our team of engineers and developers can continue this tradition with a technologically advanced system that pilots will love to fly behind.

For more information, call Robert Hamilton, sales and marketing manager, at 425/402-0433, email [email protected] or visit www.dynonavionics.com.

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