SAM Aircraft: Super deal


SAM Aircraft LSAAirplane comes with — literally — “everything.”

SAM designer selling airplane, drawings, files, all assets, for less than the price of a kit.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada: SAM Aircraft President Thierry Zibi has a super deal for someone who wants to be an airplane manufacturer. He also has a super deal for someone who wants to own and fly a unique bird with fantastic handling and performance at the LSA limits. The SAM LS is AULA approved in Canada and 51% Rule compliant Experimental Amateur Built in the US. (It is engineered to be LSA compliant in the US, but Thierry didn’t have the time to finish formal LSA designation acceptance.)

The assets – intellectual, administrative, even the airplane itself – of SAM Aircraft are for sale. Thierry wants to finance his newest venture. SAM has to go for an unbeatable price of $100K.

Regarding the assets part of the deal, it’s pretty much everything needed to produce the aircraft :

  • Professional Molds for all composite parts: cowling, wingtip, stabtip, rudder tip, fuselage/wing, fuselage empennage, fuel tanks, etc….
  • Complete 3D all debugged solidworks drawings of the aircraft (with all parts pre-drilled)
  • Many spare parts: aluminum skins, ribs, tubes, 4130 steel, etc…
  • Complete calculation documentation done by engineers based on the ASTM LSA and Canadian ultra-light
  • Stress data and video (wing load, fuel tanks)
  • Production checklist with 2D et 3D parts ready to CNC cut and Inspection checklist
  • Kit Assembly manual
  • P.O.H. and Maintenance manual.
  • Flight test reports done by independent, professional test pilot
  • Marketing data: internet website, photos and positive reviews by all magazines
  • Intellectual property, production rights
  • Flying Prototype : 385 hours Total Time Since New

For those curious about expert objective views of the SAM’s airworthiness and flying appeal, there are positive reviews by all magazines, including cover stories in Kitplanes, Flyer, and Canadian Aviator.

The pièce de résistance, of course, is the famous SAM prototype airplane itself. Showing under 400 hours since new on the airplane and its 100hp Rotax 912S, the SAM is a standout in performance, comfort, and looks. In fact, “It’s like a modern, faster, comfortable, safer, and easier-to-maintain and easier-to-fly WWII primary trainer.”

The SAM has flown a full test regimen, which has shown it to be spin-proof at both full-forward and full-aft CG; its Canadian certification has been awarded (and the airplane is fully LSA compliant, needing only another example to be produced in order to certify it LSA).

Thierry said that “My reward will be that someone will be able to continue where I stopped, and see more SAM airplanes in the air.

Some people are destined to design, some to build, some to fly.
This designer is looking for the other two kinds of people to realize their dreams.


SAM cover page magazines


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