Sensenich To Introduce Several New Props, for 65 to 220hp, STOL to 200 knots


Sensenich Propeller will mark Oshkosh this year with not one, but several new adjustable-pitch carbon props, in horsepower ranges from 65 to 220, for LSA through popular kit-based designs that fly as fast as 200 knots.

New propellers, designed for their specific performance applications:

  • A new 3-blade propeller for RVs that joins the already successful 2-blade RV-type prop. This 3-blade “RV” propeller will be featured on a Thorpe T-18 located at the Brown Arch during AirVenture 2019.
  • A new 2-blade propeller, designed and tested for aircraft in the 125 to 180 mph speed range, which will shortly be joined by a 3-blade propeller for the same type aircraft.
  • A new 2-blade 82″ STOL type propeller heralding development of the upcoming
    3-blade 78” diameter prop.
  • And new 74” and 76” diameter propellers for lower horsepower applications from
    65hp up to 125hp.

Don Rowell, Sensenich President, says, “All these propellers were designed specifically for their applications and feature distinct twist and blade shapes matched to their intended purposes.”

Sensenich has been manufacturing propellers for over 87 years.  Composite propeller development using an internal pressure molded system with aerospace thermoset composites began in 1998 with the first propellers proven in the rugged Florida air boating environment.

Aviation propeller testing and flight began in 2003, and Sensenich has manufactured over 65,000 composite blades to date.

All of these new Sensenich composite adjustable pitch propellers utilize their unique Pitch Setting Gage System which makes pitch adjustments to the propeller quick and accurate. These propellers feature shot peened, anodized aerospace aluminum hubs and bonded metal leading edges. All propellers are tested to ASTM compliance standards.

Rowell summed up: “These propellers will bring out the best in your current or future aircraft project.”



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