Sling 4 Two-Week Turbo Build Program Announced


Sling 4 place

The Airplane Factory (TAF) has partnered with Synergy Air to launch the Sling 4 Two-Week Turbo Build Program. Builders will spend several weeks at Synergy Air’s Eugene, Oregon, location and will build a Sling 4 Turbo from a quickbuild kit with training and assistance from Synergy Air’s staff. After the build sessions, the aircraft will be ready for paint. The builder  will return home and come back to Synergy at a later date to receive transition training and collect their painted and ready-to-fly airplane.

According to TAF USA Sales and Marketing Manager, Jordan Denitz, “The Airplane Factory has identified many pilots who want to enjoy the capabilities of a four-seat airplane, but don’t want the high procurement and operating costs of a certified four-place plane. The Sling 4 Turbo is a true four-seat, cross-country machine with a 1000-pound useful load — great for four adults or two adults with a lot of luggage. The combination of a quiet turbocharged Rotax engine with a constant-speed prop allows for respectable speeds in the 145-knot TAS range at 9500 feet with a fuel burn under 6 gph.”

TAF USA President Matt Liknaitzky said, “Synergy Air is the leader in kit airplane builder training, and we are excited to make the Sling 4 Turbo more accessible to builders who are unsure of their technical abilities or can’t make the time commitment required to build a kit airplane.”

Mike Blyth, Founder of TAF and designer of the Sling 4 Turbo, noted that “With Synergy Air’s help, it is now possible for someone with no previous knowledge or expertise to build an airplane that exceeds most factory build standards.”

Wally Anderson of Synergy Air added that “New builders will find it very easy and quick to build the Sling 4 with assistance .”


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