Sonex and Waiex B-Models Unveiled



Sonex Aircraft, LLC debuted its new B-Model design for Sonex and Waiex aircraft today at Sun ‘n Fun. A tailwheel, AeroVee Turbo-powered Waiex-B is on display in the Sonex booth, NE-11&29 and will be there throughout the show.

According to Sonex designer and founder John Monnett, “The B-Models provide more of what customers have been asking for in a sport aircraft. There’s more room and comfort, more panel space, more fuel, more engine choices, and more standard features combined with reduced build time and the same great Sonex and Waiex flight characteristics.”

The Waiex-B on display features an MGL Avionics iEFIS Explorer 8.5-inch dual-screen avionics suite. Dynon Avionics has also stepped-up to the plate with their own B-Model package: a dual-screen Dynon SkyView Quick Panel with Advanced Flight Systems Control Module integration. The exciting new B-Model Dynon package will be on-display in the Sonex booth with a working mock-up panel.


Sonex B Panel

In addition, UL Power will be on-hand in the booth to speak to prospective B-Model customers interested in the UL350 series engines for their project, while the AeroVee Turbo will be prominently on display on the aircraft.

Sonex and Waiex B-Models are available with four engine mount options: AeroVee/AeroVee Turbo, Jabiru/CAMit 3300, UL350 series, and Rotax 912 series.

Sun ’n Fun will also serve as the official opening of the Sonex and Waiex B-Model order book, as only placeholder kit reservation deposits have been accepted thus far. B-Model tail kits are available for immediate shipping, and full kits and other B-Model sub-kits will begin shipping in June.

For more information about the B Models, stop by the Sonex booth or visit the Sonex web site.




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