Sonex Offers Incentive Pricing for Subkits


Sonex Aircraft has announced that those who buy a Sonex or Waiex tail kit may receive a $2000 discount for buying all of the remaining subkits as a single purchase. The company says many potential Sonex builders buy the tail kit as a way to preview the kit and see if they wish to continue with the project. If they subsequently decide that they do want to buy the rest of the kit, all at once, the pricing incentive kicks in and also narrows the gap between the prices of the complete Sonex or Waiex airframe kit. This new discount incentive rewards those builders for taking the next step in purchasing all of the remaining subkits…, said Jeremy Monnett, Sonex CEO and general manager.

For more information, call 920/231-8297 or visit Sonex Aircraft.


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