Marc and Paul’s Sportsman Pre-Sun ‘n Fun Video Blog


Gearing up for the Sun ‘n Fun extravaganza in Lakeland, Kitplanes editor Marc Cook and AVweb editorial director Paul Bertorelli are motoring around the west in Cook’s Glastar Sportsman visiting companies prior to the show. Here’s part 1 of their video blog report.

Part 2: Marc Cook and Paul Bertorelli continue their Sportsman odyssey with a look at this unique aircraft:

Part 3: “Do you realize how obsessive you are?”

That’s Paul’s observation as the boys wing their way across Idaho and Nevada. Ya notice things when cooped up in the same cockpit for three days …

Part 4: Marc and Paul runnamucca in Winnemucca!

That’s in Nevada, by the way — and home of the friendliest FBO on the planet. Good thing, ‘cuz the boys have been snowed in there for two days. Here’s the dramatic details in the final installment of the Sportsman Pre-Sun ‘n Fun vid blog.

Part 5: The guys finally make it out of Winnemuca after two days of snow and ice and cross the Sierras back into the Golden State.


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