Step-by-Step RV-12 Build Video From HomebuiltHELP


HomebuiltHELP, producer of DVDs for experimental aircraft builders, has introduced a complete DVD series on building a Van’s RV-12 aircraft kit. Each title  in the series corresponds with the sub kits supplied by Van’s, and include: Empennage/Tailcone, Wings, Fuselage and Finishing Kit.

The videos demonstrate and explain each step of construction for the RV-12, in sync with Van’s instruction manual. Even tools that are required in construction are explained and demonstrated. Watching the process and learning what’s involved will not only help those already in the building process, but can give potential builders a good idea of what it takes to build an RV-12 before making the investment.

Each video costs between $39 and $59, and includes free shipping. For more information, visit


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