The RV-10 TDI Arrives

Continental representatives greeted the Flandermeyer’s when they arrived and anxiously listened to Scott’s report on the engine’s performance.

We noticed an unpainted RV-10 taxiing into the special display area near the Homebuilder’s Hangar and wondered, what is so special about an RV-10? Occupants Scott and Tracey Flandermeyer explained that it is the only turbo-diesel powered RV-10 in the world. Weather challenges made the flight less than ideal for recording performance data, but the Continental CD-230 diesel engine (producing 230 HP) reportedly cruised at about 157 kt TAS and burned an average of about 8 gallons of Jet A per hour.

Scott reports that the center of gravity of the plane is nearly identical to RV-10s with the standard Lycoming IO-540 but the diesel engine is about 17 pounds heavier. Following the flight from DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta, the plane now has 47.5 hours on it.

Tracey Flandermeyer unloads the plane.
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