Viperjet LXR Ready for Production


Viper Aircraft has announced that its new take on the Viperjet MKII, which debuted at Oshkosh/AirVenture four years ago, is set to begin production. The Viperjet LXR is designed to meet the changing demands of private pilots, with a larger cockpit, lengthened fuselage and Pratt & Whitney JT15D-1A turbofan engine. It offers increased range with fewer emissions and lower fuel consumption, the company says. The LXR uses the same parts, jigs and fixtures as the MKII, which is what allows the manufacturer to move directly from purchase to production.

The LXR is 2 feet longer than its predecessor, 5 inches wider and 2.5 inches deeper in the cockpit area. Its overall performance will match that of the Viperjet MKII Executive because of the lower airframe weight, the company says. The change in the engine alone cuts fuel burn by almost half and allows for a 1000-n.m. range at 400+ knots.

To avoid confusion, the company makes the distinction between this new LXR turbofan aircraft and the Viper FanJet, which is still in development. The Viper FanJet is a much larger derivative of the MKII and is more suitable for government trainer roles.

For more information, call 509/543-3570 or visit Viper Aircraft.


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