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Find Welding Resources at USAWeld.com

HTP America, Inc. has launched a new web site designed to be a welding resource as well as a storefront. The new site has information on MIG and TIG welders, as well as welding supplies, tools and equipment. You can download an owner’s manual, view videos of equipment in action on various pro-jects, read reviews or order a catalog. HTP America offers a complete lineup of MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutters and welding helmets. The company also provides a wide selection of metal-working tools, and welding accessories and supplies such as welding wire, welding guns and parts.

For more information, visit www.USAWeld.com.

Ztron Labs Offers Alternative toConventional Circuit Breakers

Rather than relying on mechanical or thermal-based trip sensors as conventional circuit breakers do, Ztron’s ZL-BP8 continually monitors each breaker “channel” via microprocessor and an electronic current sensor, giving it a response many times faster and more accurate than a conventional circuit breaker, according to the company.

The ZL-BP4 and ZL-BP8 integrate the function of both toggle switches and breakers into a single unit. The toggle switch action is capacitive touch sensitive and will not wear out or suffer fatigue that can cause conventional toggle switches to fail. This is especially important for high current loads, Ztron says.

The ZL-BP8 offers eight programmable, switch-breaker channels in a panel approximately half an inch deep (the ZL-BP4 has four). Each channel is programmable on the fly. At any time after installation you may set a trip point from 2.5 amps to 20 amps. Everything you need to configure and use is at your fingertips; no external systems, controls or sensors are required. Once you’re satisfied with the setup, you can lock the settings from changing during flight. The ZL-BP8 also provides a weight reduction: The entire unit weighs the same as a single conventional circuit breaker.

For more information and prices, call 888/740-0917 or visit www.ztronlabs.com.

Record Your Flights with the AV-HD Video System

The AV-HD is a high-definition aircraft camera system that records video in full 1080P HD. The system is compact and designed for harsh environments; the camera, cable and recorder are rugged and water resistant. The camera features technology to reduce and eliminate the warped propeller effect of most HD camera filters. It includes four prop filters that adapt to extreme lighting conditions. Users can tune the filter to their specific lighting conditions and prop speed on the remote-control unit.

The camera can be powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery or through a cigarette power plug adapter. Videos are downloaded through the USB cable or directly from the SD card, and may be viewed on a PC or Mac with no special software requirement. The price is $499.

For more information, call 800/210-8017 or visit www.datatoys.com.

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