Wood Legal Eagle XL


I completed my Legal Eagle XL at home and covered the wings in my living room and dining room over the winter. Great Wife!! 1.5 years until first flight. I flew it off grass while only having 3 hours tail time in a PA-12. All went very well, it’s a very honest airplane. I just made the 254-pound limit using aluminum jugs for the motor, a very light paint job, low pressure tires, for suspension etc.

The Better Half VW is a great motor. My 37hp with 54-22 prop jumps off in 150’ at 750′ msl. Strong climb rate and burns 1.8 gph. I normally fly at 3000 rpm around 55 mph.

This is a great first project. Builder support is fantastic through online forum.

—Robert Wood, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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