A single-seat, open cockpit biplane.

The Dingo

On display in Paradise City (the show’s area for light planes and ultralights) are a pair of “Dingos” – a relatively new ultralight kit design from Future Vehicles, a manufacturer located in the Czech Republic. The Dingo is a single seat, open cockpit biplane weighing in at approx. 210 lb without engine. The airframe is riveted from sheets made of aluminum 6061 and 2024 alloys. The ailerons and elevator are operated by rods and the rudder is controlled by cables. All sheet metal parts are already drilled and it is only necessary to rivet them (matched-hole technology utilized). The construction manuals with breakdowns and part numbers are in PDF format and are available on their website for public viewing. Also, videos of each stage of construction, showing the proper sequence of assembly, are provided on the Future Vehicles website.

Rick Bennett, of Bluff City Aircraft LLC is the US distributor for the Dingo. He built 2 Dingo aircraft and has them on display at the show. Bluff City Aircraft is also a Polini engine distributor, which is the suggested engine option for the Dingo. Rick says the aircraft was designed with a focus on easy and quick assembly. His company sells the complete aircraft delivered in a set of boxes as a kit (shown below) or they will fully assemble, test, and paint the aircraft to the customer’s desire. The price for the kit, without engine, is approximately $15,800 subject to the current exchange rate. Rick says that kits are on the shelf ready to ship in anticipation of the show.

Contact Rick at [email protected]. Bluff City Aircraft is located near Memphis, TN.


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