Yup, its an Oshkosh Plane


How can you tell this plane has been to Oshkosh (or, to be fair, maybe Sun ‘n Fun)? By looking in the passenger side pocket and pulling out this airsickness bag that has obviously been put to another (much cleaner) use – as a departure sign for leaving the big show. It always seems to turn out that way – you spend considerable time planning for the Fisk arrival, printing out all of the possible signs you might need for various scenarios. Then it comes time to leave at the end of your stay, and you discover that you didn’t spend much time getting ready for the DEPARTURE! Or, possibly, your departure sign blew away in one of the storms that inevitable hits at one time in the week.

Yup – you need a quick “VFR” sign, and you’ve got nothing to make one with – no printer, no pad of paper, and not even an old kneeboard note – but you DO have a barf bag and a pen…. and since you haven’t used, (or damaged) the bag in a way that prevents it from fulfilling its intended duty, it goes right back in the pocket for a future occasion. Hopefully, that’s the next big show, and not, well… that other thing.

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Paul Dye
Paul Dye, KITPLANES® Editor at Large, retired as a Lead Flight Director for NASA’s Human Space Flight program, with 40 years of aerospace experience on everything from Cubs to the Space Shuttle. An avid homebuilder, he began flying and working on airplanes as a teen and has experience with a wide range of construction techniques and materials. He flies an RV-8 and SubSonex jet that he built, an RV-3 that he built with his pilot wife, as well as a Dream Tundra and an electric Xenos motorglider they completed. Currently, they are building an F1 Rocket. A commercially licensed pilot, he has logged over 6000 hours in many different types of aircraft and is an A&P, FAA DAR, EAA Tech Counselor and Flight Advisor; he was formerly a member of the Homebuilder’s Council. He consults and collaborates in aerospace operations and flight-testing projects across the country.


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