Zodiac Aerospace Premieres Infiniox System

InfiniOX oxygen generation system
The Infiniox oxygen generation system can provide six individuals with oxygen enriched breathing air up to 25,000 feet.

Face it, running out of oxygen above 18,000 feet in a high-performance light aircraft (or any aircraft for that matter) is a killer item. NTSB files tell the sad story all too well. But sometimes you’re in a rush to get going—or you simply don’t expect you’ll be flying that high. Imagine always having an unlimited supply of oxygen for both you, the pilot, and for all of your passengers. It would give you tremendous flexibility, and one day it might just save your bacon.

Ibrihim Youssef, designer of the Infiniox Onboard Oxygen generation system is hoping to both save lives and increase the efficiency of high performance light aircraft with his lightweight, powerful oxygen generation system. The unit weighs about the same as a 77 cubic inch oxygen tank, but is capable of providing unlimited oxygen for six up to 25,000 feet. The system includes a panel mount monitoring and fault annunciation.

“This system allows the pilot to climb to where the tailwinds are, and to fly much, much farther, on a lot less fuel,” said Youssef. “Best of all, he won’t be worried about conserving oxygen, because there will always be plenty with this unit.”

The company is demonstrating its prototype unit in Booth 1107 during AirVenture. For more information, visit www.avoxsys.com.


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