2014 Mojave Experimental Fly-In – Aviation's "Speed Week"


The 3rd annual Mojave Experimental Fly-In will be held Saturday April 19, 2014 at Mojave Air and Spaceport. MEFI is intended to encourage the design and building of high performance experimental aircraft and offer attendees the opportunity to meet the pilots and designers of these awe-inspiring machines. The fly-in is composed of three separate events: the fly-in, the records week, and an awards dinner.

Photo by Tom Wilson, taken at the 2013 Mojave Fly-in
Photo by Tom Wilson, taken at the 2013 Mojave Fly-in

Fly-in: The fly-in will be held Saturday April 19 at Mojave Air and Spaceport (KMHV), 10AM-2PM. MEFI will give participants the opportunity to interact with the designers and builders of today’s most innovative record-setting experimental aircraft.

Records Week:
During the week preceding MEFI the National Aeronautic Association will be on site to sanction record attempts by interested parties. Think Bonneville Speedweek…for airplanes. Aircraft currently planning record attempts include Klaus Savier’s Determinator and Delaminator, Zach Reeder and the resurrected Rutan Catbird, Tom Aberle and his biplane Phantom, and Lee Behel in the GP-5 Osprey. If you would like to make a record attempt, please visit the MEFI website for more information.

Awards Dinner:
Four awards will be presented to the best experimenters of 2014: Best Design, Best Build, Best Test, and Overall Best Experimenter. Awards will be determined by a panel of judges during the fly-in and experimenters must be present to win (nominations can be made at the MEFI website). Dinner is 6PM at the Stu Witt Event Center and will be sponsored by Scaled Composites, The Mojave Airport, and The Spaceship Company. Tickets will be $25 at the door.

Parking is free and visitors can enter via the airport office or restaurant. For more information, visit mojaveflyin.com.


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